TR CU 032/2013

"On the safety of pressure equipment" (TR CU 032/2013), valid since February 1, 2015

GuS-Expert GmbH specializes in issuing EAC certificates and EAC declarations in accordance with TR ZU 032. Our experience and competence in this area is your advantage. We will show you where costs can be saved with EAC certification TR TS 032.


Declaration of TR CU 032/2013

The declaration of conformity TR TS 032 is legally equivalent to a certificate and a mandatory document. If the declaration is registered, only the applicant is responsible for product safety and the correctness of the information, while the certification body is not responsible.

Choose only trustworthy certification authorities with competent professionals! Errors in the certification can later lead to the revocation of the declaration.


Certificate TR CU 032/2013

The certificate of conformity with the technical regulations of the Customs Union (TR CU) is a compulsory document and enables you to sell and commission products in the territory of EMU. By issuing the EAC TR CU 032 certificate, the certification body certifies that the products manufactured or imported into the customs union area meet certain requirements. Therefore, the responsibility for this document lies with both the certification body that issued it and the applicant.

The main condition for the issuing of the TS certificate is the successful passing of certain examinations and tests defined in TS 032. Factory inspections and print tests are very likely.


TR ZU 32 - EAC certificate or EAC declaration?

Roughly speaking, pressure equipment of KAT I and KAT II is subject to a declaration and KAT III and KAT IV to a certification.

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