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EAC certificate

Many terms have been established for this document. It is correct: "Certificate of conformity with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union". It must be said that this term has not been out of date for a long time. Because as part of the expansion of the Eurasian Customs Union, the Eurasian Economic Union was founded on January 1, 2015. Nonetheless, all of the following terms and abbreviations mean the same thing: - TR TS certificate - TR ZU certificate - TR CU certificate - EAEU certificate, namely proof of compliance with the technical regulations.

This proof can be provided with an EAC certificate or with an EAC declaration (below). Incidentally, the EAC certificate can only ever be issued to a legal entity based in the economic union. It is difficult to say in general which products are covered by certification or a declaration and which products you can choose from. To do this, your goods must first be clearly classified. How many different products can be accommodated or summarized in a certificate or a declaration cannot be answered without a specific test. For the most part, products with a similar customs tariff number can be entered in one document. Contact us to discuss details.

EAC declaration

Various terms are also used for this document: Declaration TR TS, Declaration TR ZU, Declaration TR CU, Declaration of conformity EAEU. The declaration of conformity with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union, like the certificate, is issued to a legal entity based in the Economic Union (link: applicant). Which does not mean that the creation of the same is on the importer's side. Rather, it is a matter of negotiation who orders the declaration, the manufacturer or the end customer; Distributor.

Experience has shown that it makes sense for the manufacturer to take the certification into their own hands. On the one hand it brings a competitive advantage and on the other hand it is easier for the manufacturer to answer technical questions about the product. By the way, you can apply for the EAC declaration and the EAC certificate with different periods of validity. For example, for series production with a validity of one to five years or for a one-off delivery. The choice of the validity period depends heavily on your strategy.

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Factory inspection: yes or no?

When creating EAC declarations, no audit is usually necessary. It looks a bit different with an EAC certificate. For the certification of a series production, all production steps must be checked, starting with the incoming goods inspection up to the outgoing goods. So it is at the discretion of the expert to carry out an inspection / audit or not.