EAC certification scheme 5d

The certification body GuS-Expert GmbH prepares the EAC declaration according to scheme 5d in the shortest possible time. We take over the creation of the required technical documentation for you (e.g. "safety assessment").


When is scheme 5d used?

The 5d declaration scheme is used for machines and devices that are used in dangerous production facilities and are registered in the Rostechnadzor register.


Which documents have to be submitted to confirm the conformity?

When confirming the conformity of machines and systems, the applicant compiles a series of documents on products that confirm compliance with the safety requirements of the technical rules TS 010/2011.

The minimum set of documents includes:

  1. Proof of safety (if any);
  2. technical specifications (if any);
  3. Operating documents (passport, operating manual);
  4. Certificate of the manufacturer's management system (if any);
  5. Factory test reports (if available);


Which documents does the applicant receive after the declaration according to scheme 5d?

  • A registered EAC declaration that is entered in the FSA register;
  • The results of the testing of the product type (type examination certificate);
  • Test report from an accredited test laboratory