Technical passport

Zertifizierung Russland

A technical passport is a prerequisite for commissioning and certification for many technical products. The claim that technical passports are required from Russian customs is simply false. The customs authorities have neither the technical understanding nor the authority to check this type of document. How extensive a technical passport needs to be depends on your product. In theory, a cover sheet with the declaration number, the EAC logo and the key technical data is sufficient for some product groups. In practice, a one-sided passport doesn't look particularly representative.

Can you do the technical pass yourself?

In a nutshell: YES. Even more, every company that plans or already carries out long-term business activity with the Eurasian Economic Union should be able to produce these documents independently.

There are templates in different languages ​​and after a short training this topic shouldn't cause any problems. Difficult forms of passports according to GOST 52630-2012, GOST 2.601 or PB 03-576-03 can also be explained well. We are happy to inform you without obligation whether a technical pass is required for your product and in what form.


What do you need it for anyway?

The technical passport is a document which is intended for the operator or end user of the product and accompanies them throughout the entire life cycle. It is usually created by the manufacturer. The most important information and tasks summarized:

  • Maintenance instructions
  • technical key data
  • Strength calculation (if applicable)
  • Information about packaging
  • Information about guarantee
  • Information on the certificates or declarations
  • Operating manual