TR CU 004/2011

TR CU 004/2011 "On the safety of low-voltage systems" (TR CU 004/2011), valid since February 15, 2013

First and foremost, manufacturers of electrical devices should deal with TR TS 004/2011. EAC certificates and EAC declarations according to TR TS 004 are mandatory for the export and sale of products in the Eurasian Economic Union.


Which products fall under the regulation TR ZU 004?

The low-voltage devices include devices with nominal voltage:

  • for alternating current from 50 up to and including 1000 V;
  • for direct current from 75 up to and including 1500 V.

Devices with parameters that are below this voltage are not subject to the EAC certification requirement. Anything above these values ​​is a high voltage device and is regulated by other regulations.


Special features of the product certification according to TR CU 004/2011

The EAC certificate TR ZU 004 confirms the compliance of the low-voltage devices with the safety requirements specified in the directive. As part of the technical regulation of the customs union TR CU 004/2011, we carry out the conformity assessment of electrical safety.

Among other things, the following aspects are taken into account:

  • Protection against electric shock;
  • Quality of network parameters;
  • Short circuit currents;
  • Fire safety requirements, etc.

For low-voltage devices, a confirmation of compliance with the requirements of TR CU 020/2011 "Electromagnetic compatibility of technical devices" is mandatory in most cases.

After the EAC declaration or EAC certificate has been issued, you are entitled to mark your goods with the EAC mark.


TR ZU 004 certificate for control cabinets is mandatory

Control cabinets are subject to certification in accordance with TR TS 004 on the safety of low-voltage systems (in the appendix, page 13, point 9). That means: "An EAC certificate according to TR CU 004 must be available for control cabinets". This is necessary for operation.

Since switch cabinets are often delivered as part of a complete system, no EAC certificates are required by the customs authorities.
However, there are more and more cases in which the customs officers have checked the existence of the certificate for controls.

An expert visit / audit or a sample test is provided for the creation of a certificate for control cabinets. This procedure is associated with high costs and a long processing time.

According to TR TS 004 and TR TS 020, the operating documentation for low-voltage devices must contain the following information:

“The name and (or) the designation of a low-voltage device (type, brand, model), its most important safety-relevant parameters and properties, the name and (or) the trademark of the manufacturer and the name of the country in which the low-voltage device is manufactured be attached to low-voltage devices and listed in the accompanying operating documents. "

  • information on the area of ​​application of low voltage devices;
  • characteristics and parameters;
  • Instructions for safe operation (use);
  • the rules and conditions for installation, storage, transportation (transport), sale and disposal (if necessary);
  • Information on what to do if this equipment malfunctions;
  • Name and location of the manufacturer (authorized by the manufacturer),
  • Month and year of manufacture of low-voltage equipment and (or) details of the place of use and the method of determining the year of construction.

A technical passport is not absolutely necessary for the operation and importation of control cabinets.