About us

Celebrate the long-term existence with us!

As one of the oldest companies, we have helped numerous exporters to carry out certification for Russia

15 years and countless certificates

Ups and downs - everything was there

About GOST-R, financial crises and TR TS to the Eurasian customs union. The 2007 financial crisis did not stop at the certification industry either.

During this time, GOST-R certificates and RTN permits were hardly in demand. Many companies did not survive this period. Only with the help of carefully considered strategies and strong partners was it possible for us to grow even in a crisis.

It soon picked up again and the competition grew bigger and bigger. Many companies were founded by our ex-employees.

Which wasn't particularly difficult, because after our training in GOST-R standards, many became experts.

That changed after the introduction of TR TS. When it comes to EAC, there are only a few competent companies with appropriate training.

We'll see what the next crisis will bring, we're prepared as always.

EAC certification and training

Every customer is individual just like his product. In large-scale training courses, participants from various industries meet. Perfume manufacturers are there as well as boiler makers. Either you deal with all topics so that only one group can listen while the others are bored or you only reveal general information.

Sensible EAC advice

It does not matter whether you want to find out more about certification in Russia in general or just want to find out where you can inquire about the tariff number. Every inquiry is important to us, as is personal contact. For difficult topics such as certification of medical products or ATEX approval, we will connect you with the respective expert.

In addition, we have put together a standard package of information for all newcomers to the field of certification in the Eurasian Customs Union. There all important abbreviations are summarized in German, English and Russian. This makes it easier to handle delivery tongues to Russia and customs clearance.