Applicant EAC

Legal person

The application for the creation of an EAC Declaration TR TS or the EAC Certificate TR TS may only be submitted by a legal person resident in the territory of the Economic Union. In times of GOST-R certificates it was possible to issue the conformity documents to the manufacturer. Anyone who still has an old GOST certificate can see that the production site is noted twice. Once as an applicant for EAC certification and once as a manufacturer. With the certified copies of the GOST-R certificates one could serve all importers in Russia and deliver them to any number of customers.

Everything has changed since EAC!

For Russian authorities it was too costly and time-consuming to hold foreign manufacturers accountable if the quality of the goods was not right. And now every applicant in the economic union must be available and stand up for the quality of the goods. Who is eligible as an applicant? The following legal persons are useful: -Own branch in the EAEU - Distributor in the EAEU -End customer or operator in the EAEU.

Case study:

You are a manufacturer of electric drives and have 5 customers in the Eurasian economic zone. Since only one applicant is permitted per certificate or declaration and you have neither a branch nor a distributor in Russia, a separate certificate would have to be created for each customer. It's not particularly economical. We therefore offer our representation in Russia as a legal entity for applying for the certificate. It is important to understand that our agency does not receive any sales rights for your products. With this trick you avoid unnecessary certificates and can supply all customers with one document.

The contract

between manufacturer and applicant about the exercise of functions of the foreign manufacturer in relation to compliance with the technical regulations of the Eurasian Economic Union is mandatory. Russian applicants often do not believe that this contract is mandatory. There are clear legal texts in this regard (here We have developed several versions of the contracts and would be happy to advise you which one is suitable for you.