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  • No EAC Certificates = No customs clearance

    Your customers will blame you for additional customs costs. Without EAC TR CU Certification there will be no permission to use und Russia. This leads to penalties against sellers. Act now – contact GuS Expert.

Certification Russia

The technical regulations of the Eurasian Customs Union are complicated - we bring light into the dark.

Customs and import regulations

Preparation is essential.
Customs clearance stands or falls with the choice of the right product name or the correct EAC marking.


Everything has to be right during commissioning!
The technical passport is only part of our services for successful commissioning in Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan.

Prices for EAC certification

We advise you honestly where you can save and where it is better not to.
Just ask for your product.


Whether GOST standard or EAC certification - with us you get everything from a single source

For deliveries to Russia, Belarus or Kazakhstan, it is not enough to complete customs clearance successfully. It is important that nothing stands in the way of later commissioning (formerly RTN).

Technical regulations explained in German or professional translations. We offer a wide range of services.

We always try to explain all the steps necessary to obtain proof of conformity as clearly and simply as possible. There are no secrets, the certification is not rocket science and follows strict rules. Take a look at a general graphic for this.