EAC marking

EAC mark

With the EAC marking, the manufacturer or distributor indicates that the product which is imported into the area of ​​the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) complies with the applicable standards and guidelines. These are set out in the technical regulations of the EAEU.

Requirements for the EAC marking of goods

  • The character consists of the letters “E”, “A”, “C” consisting of squares
  • The marking must not be smaller than 5mm
  • The symbol must be affixed to every product unit, packaging or accompanying document
  • The sign must be clearly visible
  • The sign must be legible
  • The representation of the sign must be monochrome
  • The character must contrast with the color of the background
  • The sign must be permanently attached
  • You can use either the black or the white